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"Being a therapist myself, I am acutely aware that there are many healers out there who are highly competent, but few are what one might call 'masters'. Francesca is unquestionably a master. 

Three things make Francesca’s work special: first, she can deal just as effectively with physical problems as with emotional difficulties: she has a formidable array of techniques to deal with a vast range of ailments and issues. Second, in spite of her extremely high level of proficiency, she is forever training: she is always growing, always keeping up to date, is always able to bring freshness and energy to her work. Third, she doesn’t just dispense treatments: she cares. This is rare – and vital – and precious."  

Shomit Mitter

"I was first introduced to Francesca 10 years ago when I was suffering from a recurrent and stubborn candida infection in my gut which my doctor couldn't help with. I had managed to clear it myself using supplements in the past, but this bout had lasted 14 months and I weighed less than 7 stone. I was sceptical and couldn't understand how kinesiology worked, but as I was desperate I thought I'd give it a go.

Francesca helped clear it within two months, using emotional healing techniques as well as supplements. Since then, Francesca has supported me through issues with a fibroid, breast cancer and emotional challenges. She uses a variety of techniques including muscle testing, EFT, CranioSacral, resonance and visceral massage. 

I honestly don't know what state I would be in without her support." 

Razia Sultana

"I can not praise Francesca enough. I have been seeing her for the last few years and her support has been invaluable to me. She is incredibly talented at what she does and she has an innate nurturing ability.

Francesca is warm and gentle and she made me feel at ease from the minute I met her."

Christian Ouff

"For decades I have had the privilege of being a recipient of Francesca’s enormous talent. She manages with enthusiasm, intellect, insight and love to consistently deliver the most vital ways to increase my overall health."

Pamela Golden

"I have been Francesca's regular client for the last 20 years. I first came to see her when I was trying to conceive my third child and I now bring my whole family for regular check ups and fine tuning. Francesca is the first person I think of when any of us have a health niggle and her treatments have, without fail, help each one of us restore to a better health.  

Francesca has a vast knowledge and uses several different methods in her diagnosis and treatment which guarantees the best outcome for her client. Her continual training in new disciplines and using that knowledge has always amazed me and given me confidence that she looks after her clients in the best possible way. 

On a personal level Francesca is an extremely warm and caring therapist who has always shown a lot of understanding and empathy which is another reason why I feel that she is a cut above other therapist I have come across. 

My girls and I all love Francesca  and look forward to seeing her as much as having our treatment and we always feel so much better afterwords. My biggest fear is that she will win the lottery and retire or move to France as we could never find anybody even close to her expertise and wonderful qualities. 

Lilliana Glyn

"Francesca is not only a lovely person but a very gifted healer. We have all been coming to her for over 20 years now, and as a result we are more resilient and my children are healthier."  

Jo Manuel

"I have been a client of Francesca’s for over 16 years and she has successfully treated me for a wide array of issues from physical, emotional, hormonal and dietary needs. I particularly like the fact that she quickly knows what the most pressing area to work on in each session is and takes things from there.

Seeing Francesca is always a treat because not only do I benefit from the changes she gently and effectively brings about, it is always lovely to be around her. My teenage boys are always keen to make an appointment whether it be for a sports injury that needs realigning or an allergy to pinpoint."

Claire Trigger

"Our relationship began as an answer to a mother’s concerns. She was our blessing through it all – growing pains, braces, sports injuries, allergies, cranial issues, dietary and boosting the ‘run down! My children learnt early to make precise distinction, as to 'when' they needed to see Francesca. It is well over 12 years, and I too have been treated, helped and repaired so wonderfully by her! I have also had the pleasure of recommending her as the 'solution' to many friends who have never been disappointed. I remain amazed by her understanding and the methods of deciphering she engages in to make our body talk. The repertoire of skills she employs to cross reference and confirm what the cause or issue is continues to fascinate me. It has been a wonderfully enhancing journey of many things old and 'alternate'. 

Anyone is capable of learning a skill or acquiring knowledge. The real edge lies in possessing an innate ability to hear, understand, and enable healing – it is this gift that makes Francesca a truly special therapist."

Kalpana Brijnath

"Francesca is a little magic, a little psychic, and a whole lot of healing. What she does not detect from your muscles, she will detect from you. Surrender and feel alleviated. Over the years I have seen many therapists, gurus, doctors, both alternative and conventional but have found Francesca to be the most accurate, productive and helpful."

Mia Fredriksson

"Fours years ago I suffered a chronic rash around my eyes for over three months which was not only distressing but also intimidating in my profession working with faces. Over the months I was treated by my doctor, but nothing helped. One day I was working with Daisy Lowe who recommended I go and see her kinesiologist, Francesca Topolski. I booked in immediately.


Francesca worked her magic, which I don’t quite understand,  and the rash disappeared within three days. Incredible! I continue to see Francesca regularly to keep my immune system boosted and myself grounded while my career takes me around the world working with high profile clients. I recommend her to everyone who mentions an ailment or imbalance. She is brilliant!"

Florrie White, Make-Up Artist, Bryant Artists Ltd

"I have had sessions of cranial sacral therapy with Francesca over the last few years and have always have found her to be totally focused on my issues. Her work has enabled me to bring up layer by layer of negative stored emotions and patterning, creating massive energy shifts in my mind and body. I have always felt 100% supported by her and profoundly empowered after her sessions. 

Francesca is a wonderful therapist – completely committed to her work and her clients. She works in a professional, dynamic and very caring way, and I always feel safe, and nurtured, throughout her sessions." 

Mairead Neal

"Francesca works fast and with incredible accuracy to identify the best remedies for any problem and the best supplements to ensure optimal health.  So many times I have gone to her with an ailment that has completely baffled doctors and she is able to get to the bottom of it and fix it in just one session.  Francesca is an incredibly talented kinesiologist and cranial therapist.  You walk in full of aches and pains and ailments and leave an hour later feeling a different person."  

Claire Lennard

"I had chronic fatigue and adrenal burnout and Francesca was recommended - I wasn't sure for what exactly but I went anyway. She used kinesiology and said I had a weak liver, which I thought was odd given my diet and lifestyle. After some testing she said ibuprofen was the cause, and I had forgotten I'd taken some for a while during a challenging time. She prescribed me some supplements.

A week later I was undergoing blood tests through my doctor. He also said my liver was weak and arranged a scan for me which I attended a few weeks after that, by which time my liver was 'textbook normal' and I think Francesca's amazing."

Sarah McDougall

"I consult Francesca Topolski since more than ten years with all my family. For me it is more than a pleasure, to tell you how good she has been for us. One story only, after a terrible car crash I found myself blind, an attack of the retina. In Harley street, they give me no hope to see again. Desperate I went to see Francesca who tested me, gave me some supplements, and worked on my cranium. Little by little I regained my sight and got my life back."

Caroline van den Boogaard

"Francesca is a brilliant therapist and healer. Very professional and thorough, using a variety of her amazing skills to work out the best course of action for you. I would recommend her highly to everyone."

Louise South

"Francesca has been treating me since 1992 and has kept me healthy and looking good, she’s been part of my anti-aging regime and is part of the reason I look so young."

Margareta Loughran

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